PhotPhoto by Mikkel Frimer-Rasmussen on Unsplash

“cvlt” is a blog where I will be discussing a variety of topics, including:

Games // Rakish Romps

From video games to board games—no piece of media is safe! Usually, I will be using this platform to divulge my thoughts on the gaming media I am currently fixated on or busy playing through / learning. If you are even remotely interested in gaming, you won’t want to miss this!

+++ New posts every Thursday

Music // Thorny Tones

Besides games, I am also a devout follower of metal and hard rock music. I will be striving to share my favourite albums, EPs and single releases within this incredible spectrum of music! From reviews to previews, I look forward to share my thoughts from the mosh-pit.

+++ New posts every Tuesday

Design // Curative Crafts

I am someone who cares deeply about aesthetics and visual design. Here I will be sharing my beliefs and inspirations in the realms of graphic design and illustration.

+++ New posts every Sunday

Philosophy // Inductive Ideas

The ancient philosophy of ‘Stoicism’ has recently captured my attention. In a world where it seems that people are lost and without hope, this blog will be a place for exploration and introspection regarding personal beliefs and philosophical drives. I look forward to sharing and learning with you!

Education // Scholarly Schemes

I am a lecturer in my professional life, and as such, I would like to journal my thoughts on teaching and learning here. There is much to teach and even more to learn!

I am extremely excited to begin this journey. I hope to draw you in like a moth to a flame!